Conventions and events

Cursed Con 2k2.0[2020]Discord/Virtual
Anime Roseville [With DEADRKGK][2019]Roseville, CA
Mini Art Mart [June, 2019]San Francisco, CA
Sacanime[Winter 2018]Sacramento, CA
Sacanime[Summer 2017]Sacramento, CA
Sacanime[Summer 2015]Sacramento, CA

Contests and Features

Sacanime manga contest [Third place, "Going out of Style!"]

Sacanime Badge Art contest [Winner]

Featured in Red Embrace: Hollywood Artbook

Featured in LOVEā˜†TRANSITION Charity Zine


GHOST HEAD | Atama-chan

"Don't lose your head over it, baby."

Commission Info

Will draw :)

original characters

fan art

ship art

nsfw [subject to discussion]

art from written descriptions and example photos [e.g. moodboards, collages]

Fine with most things
Please feel free to ask!

Won't draw :(

Furries/anthropomorphic characters

"Realistic" gore/guro

Willfully hateful and/or discriminatory content

NSFW of underage characters [Shota/Loli]

Real people

This may include certain instances of avatars and characters that are not wholly distinct and seperate entities from the person they are meant to represent (e.g. certain minecraft youtubers]

Contact me for inquiries!

email or any social media is fine!

All pricing is for a full color, single character piece with a simple BG [solid color or abstract]. Please ask about multi character commissions. Highly complex designs or pieces may be subject to additional fees.

Commissions will be done in paid chronological order received. If, for any reason, I am unable to complete a commission, a full refund will be offered.I [the artist] retain all rights to the artwork produced. Under no circumstances will I ever use original character commissions for commercial purposes. I may, however, use them in my portfolio and post them online. You [the commissioner] may not use commissioned artwork for commercial purposes without paying a commercial fee. However, you are more than welcome to print and purchase one-off items (keychains, stickers/etc.) for your own personal use.Creation of non-fungible tokens [NFT's] using my artwork in whole or part is strictly forbidden, even with a commercial license.